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Diving is so much more than putting on your fins and swimming about for an hour looking at fish!

At Blue Realm, we believe diving comes with a responsibility to the ocean, it’s reefs and it’s inhabitants, and must be treated with the respect it deserves.

We are proud to be members of the Project Aware Dive Against Debris Community and feel the message is very much part of our ethos and how we conduct our diving activities. We have been passionate advocates of marine conservation and protection in the Red Sea for many years.

Khaled has played a huge part in the local marine conservation of the local area, and has tirelessly pursued the conversation and the changes regarding more sustainable fishing methods and their co-existence with the environment.

Blue Realm will be offering Dive Against Debris Dives, so that every diver who dives the Red Sea can get involved and help to do their bit for the environment.  Please keep a lookout on our website and Facebook/Instagram pages for details.

As you are aware, single use plastic is one of the biggest ecological threats of our time and we invite any established experienced divers to join us in the endless clean up of our oceans.

For more information about Project Aware / Dive Agains Debris

For your Dive Against Debris ID Guide and Survey Guide and Data Card:

dive-against-debris-id-guide-1 Download

dive-against-debris-survey-guide-1. Download

569dt_dad_data_card_v2_3_en_formfields-1 Download

Project AWARE


Dive site cleanups 


Recycled Jewelry

Part of our mission to announce the damage of the left overs of fishing lines & nets, is to recycle those left overs and use them as necklaces and bracelets joined with pure silver 950 pendants. These creative handmade pieces can be found in our Blue Realm Dive Club Gift Shop.

Passant Elrayes

This is just a sample from 100's other pieces ready for you to take as souvenirs.

Please ask for more details 

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